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Product Information 

We use a range of ingredients to make our range of products. 
We make all our white, wholemeal and granary bread the old fashioned way using a long fermentation process. 
White Bread 
Flour, yeast, salt, water, vegetable oil 
2 hour fermentation 
Flour, yeast, salt, water, vegetable oil 
Flour, malted wheat flakes, malt four, water, yeast, salt, vegetable oil 
Flour, sunflower seeds, bran, malt flour, water, yeast, salt, vegetable oil 
Flour, water, salt, olive oil, yeast 
12 hour fermentation 
Wholemeal, wheatflour, sunflower seeds, maize, soya flakes, barley flour, rye flour, salt, yeast, spices, vitamin C, water 
Wheatflour, maize, sunflower seeds, salt, sesame oil, dextrose, spices, vitamin C, water, yeast 
Spelt & Honey 
Spelt flour, water, vegetable oil, salt, sunflower seeds, dextrose, honey, yeast, vitamin C 
Flour, water, bran, malt flour, linseeds, vegetable oil, pumpkin seeds, rare flour, oats, sugar, salt, yeast, vitamin C 
Gluten Free  
Maize starch, rice flour, water, yeast, veg oil, soya protein, sugar, salt, dextrose, syrup, ground lentils, yeast extract, lactic acid (from sugar beet), thickeners E415, E464, E412 
Seeded Gluten Free 
Maize starch, water, yeast, veg oil, linseeds, sunflower seeds, soya protein, sugar, salt, rice flour, thickeners E415, E464, E412, inulin, dextrose, caramel malto dextrin, lactic acid (from sugar beet) 
We also make... 
Cakes & Confectionery 
We make a full range of buns and doughnuts as well as Danish pastries, lardy cakes, dough cakes and scones. 
Our cake ranges includes: 
Australian Crunch 
Jam Tarts 
We also make a full range of fresh cream cakes daily. 
Speciality & Seasonal Products 
Our delicious ranges include: 
Dough Cakes - A Somerset speciality made using a family handed down secret recipe. Delicious buttered and with a slice of strong cheddar cheese. 
Lardy Cake - Another Somerset speciality full of fruit and a sticky toffee base (dairy free). 
Easter Cakes - Grandad Legg's original recipe made using fresh egg, nutmeg and plump currants (dairy free). 
Easter Cakes (spicy) - An old Shepton Beauchamp recipe kindly given to us by the Hawkins Family (formerly Hawkins Bakery), made with mixed spice, cinnamon, fresh eggs, and juicy currants and dusted with icing sugar (dairy free). 
Hot Cross Buns - Again, an original recipe from Grandad Legg. These buns have a long fermentation and are full of fruit and spices. 
Savouries & Filled Rolls 
Our range includes: 
Martock Pasties (meat and vegetables) 
Large Pasties (Potato, steak, onion and vegetables) 
Cheese and Onion (Pasties and slices) 
Steak and Kidney Pies 
Chicken and Mushroom Pies 
Sausage Rolls 
Bacon and Cheese Turnovers 
Assorted small Quiches 
Chicken Balti Pies 
Breakfast Pasties 
A full range of filled rolls are freshly made each day. 
Gluten Free Products 
We make a range of gluten free breads and cakes. All the ingredients used are gluten free but we must stress the we are a traditional bakery and not classed as a gluten free zone. 
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